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Our heartfelt condolences to Marj Griffin on her loss of Spun's Generationext, "Stanley". His recent wins at the MO State Fair with Lilly Butler will never be forgotten, or his kind patient eye teaching another person the joy of riding.

image of keeps cashing in Congratulations to Deborah Flack on her first horse Keeps Cashing In! What a gift for your 14th Birthday!
image of gracie Believe This Score and Lined With Cash welcome their new filly, Gracie

Training a retired racehorse
"Suzie Boy, or we call him Cash, is a four year old Thoroughbred my client, Stephanie Hopkins, adopted from One Horse At A Time. We are working with Cash right now developing his gaits and speed control. He is a wonderful horse and so much fun to ride. It has been great working on my dressage and hunt seat riding with him for something different. He is very loving and willing. He is works very hard to please and learn new things. I am so proud of Stephanie and the hard work and dedication she has put into this new chapter in her life and the way Cash so lovingly looks at her; you can see she has done a wonderful job with him." - Caroline

You can learn more about Suzie Boy and follow his journey, by clicking here.

For more information about Thoroughbred adoption please check the following web sites:
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF)
TRF - Maker's Mark Secretariat Center
One Horse At A Time

TWHAM Meeting
We would love to see you at our meetings for fellowship and sharing our passion for Walking Horses. If you have never joined, please consider doing so as your support is needed to make this year the best it can be. Click here for an application.

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